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Natasha's Law Compliant Food Labelling

When freshly prepared food doesn’t include food allergy warnings, the health risk is simply unthinkable. Legislation such as Natasha’s Law – which comes into effect in October 2021 – are holding businesses that prepare food on site to account to ensure consumers are protected against potentially fatal allergic reactions. So, your on-site food preparation areas need an allergy warning label solution that solves the problem.

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With an allergen compliance solution from Peak-Ryzex, we can ensure your food preparation environment now has the accountability you need to serve your customers with confidence while adhering to food allergy warning regulations.

Our allergen compliance solutions leverage the very latest in food allergy label printing applications, allergen tracking software and enterprise printers and will enable you to retain full oversight of the ingredients going into your freshly prepared food items. Now you can print allergy alert stickers and labels and ensure every item sold and used is correctly marked with specific allergens.

Allergen Tracking Solutions from Peak-Ryzex

Peak-Ryzex draws from its ever-growing ecosystem of technology partners, enabling customers in hospitality, food service and other industries to track allergens effectively in both front and back of house scenarios. The following solution leverages innovations from labelling printing specialist SATO to create a fully realised food allergy warning system.

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Food Safety Solutions

Customer safety and the reputation of your business extend beyond allergens, so incorporating to an optimised mobility solution into your food retail business will ensure you’re controlling every element of your on-site food prep. These areas include:

Enhanced Hygiene Procedures

Remove the need for unreliable paperwork processes with a dynamic solution that tracks cleaning rotas, employee tasks and more to ensure total accountability of your hygiene methods and overall team management.

Oversight & Employee Empowerment

Ensure accountability in all your food preparation teams by tracking who prints labels for fresh goods. Employees can operate with full agency with the ability to look-up food items and print off fully detailed labels with confidence.

Reduce Wastage & Make Savings

Food wastage is a constant issue for professional kitchens. Protect the solvency of your business or franchise by incorporating a solution that ensures food items are used effectively within their use by/defrost dates & times.

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An Allergen Compliance Solution from Peak-Ryzex & SATO

Solution Example for Allergen Compliance: SATO

Protect customers and remain compliant with Natasha's Law with a Peak-Ryzex SATO Solution. Based on a 5-year agreement, starting at £25 per month

SATO FX3-LX Label Printer

SATO is one of the most trusted names in label printing excellence, and its latest portfolio addition – the FX3-LX – represents the pinnacle of ‘all-in-one’ allergen label printing solutions. This Application Enabled Printing (AEP) device can operate without the need for a PC, enabling users to print food labels with ease in the kitchen and around the business.


SATO Online Services (SOS) Support

SATO Online Services supports users with a cloud-based virtual engineer that ensures your network of FX-LX3 printers remain fully operational, even during peak periods of service. Ensure food allergy warning regulations  – such as Natasha’s Law – are consistently maintained with the SOS Agent for the printer itself, the SOS App for smart devices (for running diagnostics) and SOS Web (for visualising printer operations).

SATO App Storage (SAS) Software

SATO App Storage is a powerful, cloud-based data management software tool designed to give FX3-LX users full control of their label printing infrastructure. SAS enables users to keep label data accurate for printing, oversee user authority levels, add or update printers, track software downloads and run security protocols.

Food Labelling For Enterprise Hospitality & Food Service

A food labelling solution from Peak-Ryzex enables food service workers to print accurate and fully detailed labels – including utilising a colour-coded system similar to traditional day dots. From defrost and use-by dates to full allergen warnings, users can help reduce wastage and remove the risk of harm to customers and patrons.

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Flexible Payment Options From Peak-Ryzex

Cost-Effective Allergen Tracking Solutions

Peak-Ryzex is here to support your food service and food preparation operations with a complete allergen tracking solution that’s competitively priced. Starting from only £25* a month – based on a five year agreement – you can leverage the latest innovation in label printing hardware, label printing support and allergen tracking.

Our solutions can be customised to meet your exact needs, including the technical expertise of our professional services, ongoing managed service support, repairs, exchanges, MDM and more. Contact us today and find out more about our flexible payment options.

SATO Food labelling

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