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Leading millwork distribution and manufacturing company lowers TCO through standardization of mobile devices.
This east coast millwork distribution and manufacturing company needed to implement a custom-tailored manage mobility service solution. Peak-Ryzex met the customer’s manage mobility services needs with helpdesk support, telecommunications expense management and advanced replacement of mobile devices to lower the customer’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

Situation: High Costs and Increased Complexity in Managing Mobile Device Population

  • Industry: Manufacturing – Millwork
  • Location: Eastern United States

One of the largest millwork distribution and manufacturing companies in the United States faced multiple issues with their mobile device population and data collection processes. The company wanted to standardize the mobile data collection equipment to a single device platform that would allow for multi-purpose hardware and processes. Peak-Ryzex implemented a solution that lowered the high cost accrued through the company's existing voice and data plans.


Peak-Ryzex implemented a solution to generate TCO savings, including standardization of mobile devices, reduction in costs for voice/data plans and increased efficiencies from logistical service and support.

Featured Peak-Ryzex Services

  • Advanced mobile device staging and replacement
  • Help Desk
  • Telecom expense management (TEM)


By standardizing mobile data collection equipment to a single device platform, Peak-Ryzex helped the company multi-purpose existing hardware and processes for increased efficiency and cost savings. Previously, the company had a crew of three people handling 120 drivers with outdated mobile computers. Peak-Ryzex was able to help re-route all internal hardware support calls, eliminating distractions for the IT staff. Ultimately, the company was able to lower TCO through standardization of mobile devices, reduce costs for voice/data plans and improve the efficiency of logistical service and support.

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