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World's largest Christian Bible and media distributor discovers fast label applicator removes bottlenecks without needing to rearrange factory scanners.
For Christian Book Distributors – the world’s largest distributor of Christian Bibles, books, and media – labels were not printing fast enough, causing boxes to pile up and bottlenecks to form on the conveyor line. Then, when both the United Parcel Service (UPS) and the United States Postal Service (USPS) required shipping labels to be repositioned from the box side to the box top to receive a significant shipping discount, Christian Book Distributors called on Peak-Ryzex to improve labeling speed and change label position.

Situation: Requirements for New Label Positioning and Faster Throughput

  • Industry: Wholesale Distribution
  • Location: Northeastern United States

Label applicators are complicated pieces of equipment. They need air, electricity, ink, paper, and glue – all in one small spot – while functioning to apply labels. Moreover, Christian Book Distributors was hoping the new label implementation could integrate with over 100 factory scanners. Christian Book Distributors' information technology (IT) department had a strategic partnership with Peak-Ryzex for over a decade. So, calling upon Peak-Ryzex for options was the logical place to start.


Before installation, Peak-Ryzex performed a site survey to determine factors such as conveyor speed and the orientation of the boxes to the applicator. The chosen solution was the CTM 3600 printer applicator, which Christian Book Distributors had previously purchased from Peak-Ryzex as its main applicator. Christian Book Distributors currently has four CTM printer applicators running on two-and-a-half miles of conveyor and has recently added two more printer applicators, which will be used as a sub-system and located on another floor of the factory. Peak-Ryzex’s service and support ensured all applicators were up and running at top speed eight hours a day without any significant downtime during the busy holiday season.

Featured Product/s

  • CTM 3600 Label Applicators
  • Zebra Print Engine

Featured Peak-Ryzex Services

  • Enterprise printing site survey
  • Label applicator design and installation
  • Training
  • Go-live support
    Equipment repair services


By performing top-down labeling procedures, Christian Book Distributors was able to meet the shipper’s labeling requirements while increasing efficiency. While the previous equipment was not able to apply labels in a timely fashion, the new labeling solution reduced labor demand while handling heavier duty and cycles much faster, providing benefits that include:

  • Increased speed by 15 to 20 percent
  • Decreased downtime and loss of labor
  • Increased volume on the production line
  • Reduced labeling costs

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