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Peak-Ryzex provide a very good service that means we don’t suffer from downtime and this enables us to maintain very high service levels to our customers.


With more than 1,500,000 UK households benefiting from their furniture and electrical warranty and care solutions, Castelan are a proven leader in delivering value to retail businesses, manufacturers, insurers and brokers as well as peace of mind to customers.

Peak-Ryzex provide a very good service that means we don’t suffer from downtime and this enables us to maintain very high service levels to our customers. The devices are very important because they provide a huge amount of management information electronically so that we can optimise the services we deliver to our customers.

David Rice, Systems & Telecoms Manager at Castelan


Castelan’s field technicians needed constant access to their PDA’s which they used to capture photographic evidence for warranty and repair claims in real-time. They also required support for their field service workflow and to maintain very high service levels with their customers. Due to the huge amount of management information stored electronically, device uptime was a paramount concern for Castelan.


Peak-Ryzex managed and maintained Castelan’s Intermec PDA devices used by their mobile technicians. SOTI Mobile Device Management (MDM) enabled Peak-Ryzex to configure software and settings for the devices remotely, and if required, a Next Working Day Exchange (NWDE) service ensured that technicians received replacement devices within a very short timeframe.


Castelan were able to ensure their device downtime was kept to an absolute minimum, while maintaining the high service levels expected by their customers. Proactive buffer stock management meant that Castelan were never without a full configured replacement device, which kept their technicians operating at peak efficiency.

The Epson TM-C831 printer with matching ink and GHS-compliant labels provides the physical needs of the solution to meet stringent GHS requirements. When it's time to print, operators scan the material number using a handheld barcode reader, select the desired language and enter the number of copies desired. The printer is automatically defaulted based upon printer assignments to the user in the system.

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