Fulfilling Deliveries With Honeywell Handheld Computers

With important data (including ePOD compliance) contained on its old devices, Breezemount knew it needed to improve its home delivery service network. To do that, it needed to leverage the expertise of mobile technology solutions provider with key experience supporting customers in the supply chain sector.

About the Company

Founded in the mid-’90s, Breezemount has grown to become one of the UK & Ireland’s leading two-man home delivery providers with over 100 vehicles in its fleet. On average, Breezemount fulfills in excess of 1 million deliveries every year with a full delivery experience offered to all its customers, including real-time tracking, secure warehouse storage and ongoing customer support.

Alongside delivery fulfilment, Breezemount has expanded to include warehouse & storage services. The company provides its services 7 days a week, 362 days a year, providing customers with a choice that consistently meets their needs.

Business Challenge

With a large fleet of vehicles and a growing demand for business, Breezemount soon realised its existing mobile device infrastructure was no longer fit for purpose.

At the time, the company was utilising a raft of rapidly ageing Samsung J3 handsets, and soon problems began to emerge. Drivers regularly encountered issues when out in the field, including problems related to capturing customer signatures at the point of delivery.

With important data (including ePOD compliance) contained on these devices, Breezemount knew it needed to underpin & improve its home delivery service network. To do that, it needed to leverage the expertise of mobile technology solutions provider with key experience supporting customers in the supply chain sector.



Nationwide two-man delivery service & warehouse storage.


Capturing customer information at the point of delivery and displaying up-to-date delivery routes.


Full suite of Honeywell EDA51 handheld computers and repair & exchange services.


Delivery teams can now exceed customer expectations by
capturing customer data with speed & accuracy, while ensuring they’re connected to the latest job updates.

"With an end-to-end mobility technology solution provided by Peak-Ryzex, including its ongoing Managed Service support of our home delivery services, our drivers are now fully connected to the information they need in the field, ensuring our customers receive the very best Breezemount home delivery experience."
Breezemount Case Study
Gareth Parry
Head of Systems & Business Improvement

The Solution

With decades of experience implementing end to-end mobility solutions throughout the supply chain, Peak-Ryzex assessed Breezemount’s exact fulfilment needs and created a solution to support the existing MDM (Mobile Device Management) platform setup it was using.

By leveraging the performance capabilities of Honeywell’s EDA51 handheld computer, Peak-Ryzex delivered a suite of cost-effective devices & accessories future proofed with the power of an Android operating system.

Benefits and Results

With an enhanced suite of devices in the hands of its drivers across the UK & Ireland, Breezemount now provides an enhanced home delivery service to all its customers with mobile devices that connect drivers to the latest job updates while protecting vitally important KPIs.

And with a robust maintenance contract from Peak-Ryzex, including next working day exchange (NWDE), Breezemount can operate with full confidence in its mobility infrastructure.

Honeywell EDA51
Honeywell EDA51 Handheld Computer

An end-to-end mobility solution delivered in partnership with:

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