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Zebra ZQ610 - Direct Thermal, 2" print width, 203dpi, WLAN, Bluetooth

ZQ61AUWAE1000 DT Printer ZQ610 2''/48mm; English fonts,Dual 802.11AC / BT4.x, Linered platen, 0.75'' core, Group E, Shoulder strap, Belt clip.
Excl. Tax: £597.08 Incl. Tax: £716.50

Zebra ZQ610 - Direct Thermal, 2" print width, 203dpi, Bluetooth

ZQ61AUFAE1000 DT Printer ZQ610 2''/48mm; English fonts,BT 4.x, Linered platen, 0.75'' core, Group E, Shoulder strap, Belt clip.
Excl. Tax: £520.33 Incl. Tax: £624.40

Zebra ZQ610 - Direct Thermal, 2" print width, 203dpi, WLAN, Bluetooth, Ext Battery

Zebra ZQ610 - DT Printer ZQ610 2''/48mm; English fonts,Dual 802.11AC / BT4.x, Linered platen, 0.75'' core, Group E, Shoulder strap, Ext Battery.
Excl. Tax: £638.01 Incl. Tax: £765.61

If you’re looking for a premium mobile printer to maximize associate productivity and customer service, the ZQ600 Series delivers. Store associates can print everything from shelf labels to item tags, markdown labels and sales receipts, right on the spot. The ZQ600 takes Zebra’s popular QLn platform and makes it even better – adding advanced technology and innovative design that drive productivity, ease-of-use and manageability to a new level. A large color display makes it easy to set up the ZQ600 Series printer and keep it running. With support for 802.11ac and 802.11r fast roaming, associates get the fastest, most dependable wireless connections inside the four walls. Patented battery and battery management technologies deliver the longest battery cycle times for constant full-shift power, while a comprehensive suite of backroom and charging accessories make it easy and cost-effective to keep your printers charged and ready for every shift. The ZQ600 Series is the only printer in its class to offer instant wake-up over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, boosting productivity by minimizing boot times during a shift.

Superior remote management capabilities — including an Ethernet cradle — simplify every aspect of management, from setup and firmware upgrades to issue resolution. The durable ZQ600 is built for all-day every day use on the sales floor and backroom; its tempered-glass display and high grade resin provide greater impact resistance and long-lasting durability. The ZQ600 Series runs Link-OS and is supported by our powerful Print DNA suite of applications, utilities and developer tools that give our printers better performance, simplified remote manageability, and easier integration. And since the ZQ600 Series is backward compatible with QLn accessories, QLn customers can upgrade to the latest platform and ingenuity without buying new accessories or rebuilding the settlement room.

Pair the ZQ600 with Zebra Certified Supplies, which provide the most consistently outstanding quality, performance and service so you never have to worry about thermal printing supply issues interrupting your operations. And our optional Zebra OneCare service will help you maximize the availability and productivity of your ZQ600 Series printers with unmatched from-the-manufacturer support. The ZQ600 Series — boost associate productivity with the next evolution in mobile printing.  

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Bluetooth operates at frequencies between 2400 and 2483.5 MHz (including guard bands 2 MHz wide at the bottom end and 3.5 MHz wide at the top). This is in the globally unlicensed (but not unregulated) Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) 2.4 GHz short-range radio frequency band. Bluetooth uses a radio technology called frequency-hopping spread spectrum. Bluetooth divides transmitted data into packets, and transmits each packet on one of 79 designated Bluetooth channels. Each channel has a bandwidth of 1 MHz. Bluetooth 4.0 uses 2 MHz spacing, which accommodates 40 channels. The first channel starts at 2402 MHz and continues up to 2480 MHz in 1 MHz steps. It usually performs 1600 hops per second, with Adaptive Frequency-Hopping (AFH) enabled.


203 DPI

Barcode printing in 203 DPI is great for text, numbers, and codes, but may appear a bit grainy or pixelated. You can improve the print quality of a barcode printed in 200 DPI by making the barcode physically larger on your label, but you may not have enough space to do this on your label. If you decide to do this, please note that each barcode must be scaled proportionately, since the aspect ratio of each barcode is strictly defined by each barcode symbology.203 DPI Printers are the fastest barcode printers and are suitable for high volume applications. 

Printing Method

Direct Thermal

Direct thermal printing requires a heat sensitive label material. The print head elements come into direct contact with the heat sensitive material where the heat from the elements causes a color change in the material to create the printed image. If an organisation is only going to print direct thermal, there are printers available that only have direct thermal capability. These printers are generally less costly to purchase because they do not contain any of the hardware necessary for driving and controlling ribbon. Eliminating the ribbon and ribbon hardware components also results in a less complex printer with fewer parts to wear and/or break, resulting in lower service costs and less downtime over the life of the printer.